In order to make it possible to maximize the results and profits from the ERP investment, a thorough and systematic Pre-study should be conducted. Based on the customers needs, we provide advise on the best available systems, suppliers, and other partners. In addition to taking part in the procurement of a new ERP system, we can provide suggestions on how to develop, streamline and automate your present processes and routines. Based on our experience we are aware of the importance of having the project firmly established both within the management and throughout the entire organization. Jointly with the organization, we will develop an elaborated Requirements Specification which will be a corner stone throughout the project. In addition, the results of the Needs-analysis can be used as a basis for a Return on Investment calculation listing the potential savings as a result of the investment and how to capture such savings.

• Common issues to be answered or otherwise dealt with in an ERP project.
• Are the present processes optimized?
• How shall future processes and routines be framed?
• What can Industrilogistik add to make future processes more efficient?
• What type of system is best for the customer´s business?
• Who are the players on the ERP market?
• How is the procurement carried out and documented in agreements?
• What is to be considered when making an Return on Investment calculation for the project?
• Which are the success factors for the implementation phase?
• How to capture the savings and enhanced efficiency from the investment?
• How to make management and the organization being part of and buy into the project?